Live Strong and Prosper

"I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver"

Looking to spread a little more good in the world? 

These lads are.

We certainly are, and we're Busting Ours to do it! Get excited for March 26th, 2012, the day that will kick off our annual Busting Ours to Save Yours week in support of Lance Armstrong and the Livestrong foundation!

A little background on the Foundation..

Based in Austin, Texas, the Livestrong Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides support for people affected by cancer. The Livestrong Foundation was founded in 1997 by cancer survivor Lance Armstrong, and its mission is to ‘inspire and empower’ cancer sufferers and their families.

Why at Washburn?..

Inspired by the mission of the Livestrong Foundation, we wanted to help by committing a week to helping raise funds for the Foundation's work. Last year, we hosted a Livestrong philanthropy week that resulted in Gamma-Nu raising over $1,300 for the Livestrong Foundation. This year, we hope to beat that amount!

Imagine how bright that sun must have been!

The Breakdown..

Monday, March 26th - Bowling Ours to Save Yours! 8:00 -10:00 pm
Gage Bowl - 4200 SW Huntoon, Topeka, KS
We've reserved a ton of lanes, so come bowl your..erm, hearts off! Tickets are only $7, and half of all ticket sales will directly benefit the Livestrong Foundation! Buy them in the Union the weeks before and after Spring Break, and even AT THE DOOR!

Tuesday, March 27th - Balls to the Wall Dodgeball Tournament! 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Student Recreation and Wellness Center - Washburn University
If you can dodge a wrench, you can support the Livestrong Foundation! Sign-up is not only $2 a person ($3 at the door), but you can register either as a Team or, for you lone wolf snipers out there not looking to get bogged down, Free Agency will also be allowed! Oh..and there will be prizes! And they will be glorious.

Thursday, March 29th - Racing Ours to Save Yours Sack Race! 11:00 - 1:00 pm
Union Lawn - Washburn University store, potatoes, Ray Lewis. What do these things have in common? That's right, Sack! We'll be hosting a burlap sack race on the Union Lawn, so get those hoppin' legs and waiver-signin' hands ready! Fastest times will be awarded with grand prizes! Think you can beat Derek's time of 1.6 seconds?

ALSO Thursday, March 29th - Busting Our Burritos to Save Yours! 5:00 - 8:00 pm
Chipotle Mexican Grill - 2040 SW Wanamaker, Topeka, KS
We KNOW how much you like your Chipotle burritos. Don't fight the feeling; embrace it. We're going to be camped out Thursday night with our Livestrong shirts and wristbands, handing out fliers! A portion of all flier-in-hand sales will benefit Livestrong, so skip a couple meals Thursday! (but really..please don't!)

Look at those 4 lovely ladies!

But where can we expect to see you in the run-up to this wonderful week?..

That's right. We'll be tabling in the Union 11:00 to 1:00 March 12th-15th a la the week before Spring Break!
And every day during Livestrong Week. We've got you covered.

We're accepting donations of only $10 to Livestrong to secure your very own Livestrong Week T-shirt AND official matching Livestrong wristband!

Washburn Student Organizations will each have the chance to decorate their very own Livestrong Sack before the 26th, all of which will be proudly and publicly displayed at our Union table! Vote for your favorite Sack and win yet another great prize!

"If you have much, give of your wealth; If you have little, give of your heart"

Get your support ready..

Because March 26th, we're going LIVE!

Installation of a Chapter

   As of April 30th, 2011, the Gamma-Nu Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity is once again active! This marks the 99th year our chapter has existed on Washburn's campus.

  We thank everyone for all the support you've given us to make this happen, and we look forward to many more years of growth and greatness to come! Here you will find a glimpse of our Installment Banquet, and the day we can officially say we are back!

The Brothers the night before Initiation
Our other Brothers who traveled to be with us for our big day

Proud Alumni of the Fraternity

We'll never quite be able to pose for a picture

Gamma-Nu's official charter!

Grand Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Derek Fritz

Two generations of family and Kappa Sigma Brotherhood

"The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best"

Congratulations, Brothers!

A Look Back

With less than two weeks left until the official installment of our Kappa Sigma, Gamma-Nu Chapter at Washburn, we thought we'd take a look back at all the things that have made this past year so memorable for us!

While we all love getting back to the grind when classes are back in session, we understood that everyone would need a little more motivation to start the year off right. we made breakfast for everyone on campus. At 9:00 at night.
...and delivered the remaining biscuits and gravy to the other houses on campus. Before they went bad, of course.

But you can't keep everyone entertained with just food. Sometimes you need a little Sherlock Holmes to welcome you back to Washburn.
On a giant inflatable screen.

Water War Week
"Great is the man who has not lost his childlike heart."

So how, then, do you top free scrambled eggs and Robert Downey, Jr.? You become a kid again.

 Then, you challenge the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha to a water war!
 And whoever else decides to join in on the late-night, cross-campus aquatic skirmishes.

None of our college experiences would be complete without the stressful, rewarding energy and fun that is Homecoming Week. The one week in which sleep really does turn out to be optional.

If you've ever disliked a Yell Like Hell practice, you obviously haven't been paired up with Washburn University Cheer. Being paired with these ladies honestly gave us the most unique, awesome experience we could have ever hoped for!
Like the Diamondhead. 

It made sense, then, to have our float become the literal embodiment of energy and spirit. 
Complete with live drum solos.

And an obligatory photo op with President Farley!

And yet we still found a little time to volunteer.

Livestrong Week
"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."

Drawing ideas from the great successes of other Greek philanthropies on campus, last semester we hosted a week-long series of events in support of the Livestrong Foundation.

With everyone's help and support, we were able to raise over $1,000 to go towards cancer research!

Many thanks to all of our guys who gave up their afternoons to collect donations all week!

Aside from our volleyball tournament, walnut cracking contest (in which we were met with some technical difficulties), and 50/50 drawing, we partnered with Gage Bowl to raise money by 
Bowling Ours to Save Yours!

We even got a little sun.

Every now and then, though, you have to have a little fun for yourself. And what better way to do that, then, as an adult college student, to spend an evening at Chuck E Cheese!
 A night of pizza and legalized gambling with fake money with the women of Kappa Alpha Theta! 
They even let us in the photo booth.

We still managed to find a little time to use our newly-realized cheering abilities!
And take our shirts off.

And what kind of year could be complete without a little dancing? 
In honor of our previous semester's Water War victory, we joined with the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha for a spring Barn Party.

And no Barn Party is complete without Ronald Reagan under the blacklight!

"I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy."

So here's to everyone who helped get us to where we are today. 
For everyone who supported us.
For those who have helped us achieve our greatest heights.
And who lent a hand during our lows.
Everyone who has changed us for the better.
The ones who gave us inspiration to move on. 
To strive for something better.
To everyone who has helped lift this 
From a subtle dream
To a glowing reality.
We thank you.

The Men of Kappa Sigma